Music: Annie J – YAbo

Music: Annie J - YAbo

“Yabo” by Annie J comes with a mind-blowing rhythm, captivating lyrics, and well-crafted instrumentals. The highly gifted artiste discharged this exceptional melody, conveying the importance of dedication and offering encouragement, hope, and upliftment


Introducing Patricia Moses David Origbe, born on April 26th, in the vibrant and culturally diverse country of Nigeria. Hailing from the Urhobo tribe in Delta State, Patricia, known to the world as Minister Annie J, is a remarkable artist in the realm of Gospel Music.
Minister Annie J is more than just a musician; she is a dedicated minister of the Gospel. Her musical journey has been characterized by profound spirituality and an unwavering commitment to spreading the message of faith and hope through her art.
As a prolific singer, musician, and gifted songwriter, Minister Annie J’s talents transcend the boundaries of conventional Gospel music. Her melodies are not only captivating but also profoundly anointed, creating a spiritual connection with her audience that is both heartfelt and transformative. Each note she delivers is imbued with a divine touch, and her music is a testament to her role as a minister in word and song.
Annie J’s compositions stand out for their lyrically rich and thought-provoking content. Her songs possess the power to stir the soul, ignite faith, and provoke contemplation. With a gift for crafting deeply meaningful lyrics, she weaves stories of faith, love, and resilience into every composition, leaving a lasting impact on all who listen.
Though Minister Annie J is celebrated for her musical talents, she remains a private individual when it comes to her personal life. Her focus on her craft and her spiritual calling is evident in the devotion she pours into her music.
Originally from Delta State, she currently resides in the vibrant city of Kaduna, Nigeria. This artist’s journey is a testament to her commitment to both her faith and her music. With each soul-stirring note and heartfelt lyric, Minister Annie J continues to inspire and uplift audiences, carrying the spirit of Gospel music to new heights, and touching lives with her unique and anointed musical ministry
Facebook page: Annie J worship
Instagram: Annie _j_worship
TikTok: Annie.j82
YouTube: @patriciaorigbe881
X: @origbepatr25809


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