Ade Jones – Holy Spirit Mp3 Download

Ade Jones – Holy Spirit Mp3 Download

Ade Jones – Holy Spirit Mp3 Download


Emerging in the scene of gospel music, singer and songwriter Ade Jones unveils his captivating and impactful latest single, titled “Holy Spirit.”
Reflecting on the profound influence of the his latest single, he shares, “I owe my presence today to the invaluable help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that this song becomes a source of blessing for every believer who graces it with their ears.”
Ade Jones – Holy Spirit LYRICS
Every single day
The Lord inspires me
His Spirit lives in me
And He knows my name
I depend on Him
As He leads me through
My journey has become easier
Cause He guides me still
The Holy Spirit lives in me
The Holy Spirit is guiding me
The Holy Spirit is helping me
Lifting me
Comforting me
Oh oh oh
Holy Spirit gives me peace
The Holy Spirit gives me joy
The Holy Spirit is my righteousness
Cleansing me
He’s my comforter
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Every day (every single day)
You inspire me (the Lord inspires me)
Your Spirit lives in me (His Spirit lives in me)
And You know my name (and He knows my name)
I depend on You (I depend on Him)
You’re always leading me (as He leads me through)
My journey is easier (my journey has become easier)
Cause You guide me (cause He guides me still)
Your Spirit lives in me (the Holy Spirit lives in me)
The Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit is guiding me)
You’re always helping me (the Holy Spirit is helping me)
You lift me up (lifting me)
Comforting me (comforting me)
Oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh)
Holy Spirit gives me peace
You always give me joy (the Holy Spirit gives me joy)
You’re my righteousness (the Holy Spirit is my righteousness)
You cleaned me up (cleansing me)
You raised me up (He’s my comforter)
The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit of the Most High God
You live in me
You strenghten me
You’re my Comforter
You’re my Inspiration
You made me
You made me
You raised me up
You lifted me
I wouldn’t be here today, if not for You
Spirit of the most High God (ah ah ah)
Ah ah ah ah
Oh oh oh thank You (ah ah)
Thank You Lord (ah ah)
The Holy Spirit (ah ah ah ah ah)
The Spirit of God
The Spirit of God
Thank You, thank You Lord


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