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Comfort Oguche – A big Short

Comfort Oguche - A big Short

Comfort Oguche – A big Short

Question: Tell us about yourself.

My name is oguche Comfort Ojonile, the last Mr Jeremiah and late Mrs Rita Attah. I’m the seventh born in a family of nine. I hail from ogugu olamaboro local government kogi state. I am Igala. I studied Bsc Ed biology at the Federal University of agriculture makurdi. I am a very loving person and my interest is God and gives me inner peace when I’m out smiling on people’s faces.

An Interview with a Big Shot 'Comfort Oguche'

When Did You Start Singing?

I started singing in my primary school days I remember leading most songs my school perform back then and I was named after a French song because of how well I performed it….and it motivated me to join the choir and since then it has been from glory to glory.

What did your family do to encourage you?

This is the best part of it all.. my mum was my great support, most times she reminds me of my choir time and if I’m busy she takes over d work so I can go for my rehearsals. when I wanted to have my first realisation she gave me parts of her salary to get it done..she will always remind me never to lose fate.. though called to glory. Still, my success story can’t be complete without mentioning her.. my siblings are the best in the world…like I call them my support system.

An Interview with a Big Shot 'Comfort Oguche'


Who else is a musician in your family?

Hmmm, I have Tblaz who is a fantastic singer. She majored in inspirational rap songs then Austin Miles my younger brother a saxophonist and a singer too..this guy plays like four instruments. I have my shy sister, Catherine Paul.. a great voice than my younger brother Pascal Wise the bassist.

Who are your Musical Inspiration?

I will like to start with a father in music. Dr Panam.. minister sinach..minister Frank Edward.. Hill songs. Travis Green, Donnie McClurkin, Tasha Cobb Leonard. Victoria Orenze and  Many more.

If you weren’t singing what would you be doing?

Smiles.. singing is a part of me that can’t stop though I have other things that I can do but those are secondary…

Do you Play Any Instrument?

Not professionally though, yea I’m still improving on my Guitar and keyboard

What hidden Talent Do you have?

I am not too many talks and little or no work so I would like to keep it hidden for now as we gradually unveil them to the world

Comfort Oguche Biography, Songs, Family & Carrier


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