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Ezra Daniel ‘Make Me’ Mp3 Download

Ezra Daniel Sings a wonderful song 'Make Me'

Ezra Daniel ‘Make Me’ Mp3 Download

make me” is a song birthed from a place of deep hunger and desire to see the spoken and written realities of the believer as captured in Scripture, finding expression in the physical realm as creation awaits the manifestation of the very sons of God.
Also as the believer’s reality is all intact in the spirit as intended by God through salvation, the song “make me” is a deep cry unto God for the physical expression of our identity in Christ.

Ezra Daniel Sings a wonderful song ‘Make Me’

Ezra Daniel” is a Nigerian gospel music minister, seasoned with the passion to communicate the heart of God to men and to see all of Him(God) reign on the earth via the instrumentality of songs to the end that Jesus is seen, known, and glorified
Ezra Daniel 'Make Me' Mp3 Download
Ezra Daniel ‘Make Me’ Mp3 Download


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