Graced Jane – It’s Your Grace

Graced Jane – It's Your Grace

Graced Jane – It’s Your Grace

Jane Akoh-Ebije’s life stands as a living testimony to the profound impact of grace. Originally hailing from the village of Iyano in Kogi State, Nigeria, she later relocated to Kaduna state. Growing up in a devout Christian environment, her heart was always deeply connected to both God and music. Nevertheless, it was the period following her widowhood in 2009 that marked a turning point in her life.

During this time, she began receiving songs that would prove to be transformative. Among them, “It’s Your Grace” held a particularly special place in her heart. This soul-stirring melody encapsulated the very essence of her journey, serving as a testament to the unwavering presence of God’s grace that has guided and uplifted her through life’s trials and tribulations. Jane attributes her survival and current position to the boundless wellspring of His grace, which serves as a constant reminder of her steadfast faith in a higher power.



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