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In The Secret Place by Hannah Idowu (Devotional)

In The Secret Place by Hannah Idowu (Devotional)

In The Secret Place by Hannah Idowu (Devotional)

“In the secret place” you will experience a refuge from the chaos of life, finding solace in His presence. In the sacred space, you will discover that God is not a distant being, but one who longs to engage in a personal relationship with us. He welcomes us into His embrace, offering peace, comfort, and wisdom that surpasses all understanding.

It might be all too easy to overlook the secret place in the craziness of our everyday life and let our spiritual nutrition dwindle. In this devotional, you will discover that setting aside time to be in His presence has enormous advantages for our spirits, our relationships, and every facet of our life.

Whether you are a seasoned believer or just beginning your spiritual journey, this devotional is designed to meet you where you are and guide you closer to God’s heart.

It will serve as a catalyst for a lifelong journey of seeking and knowing God more and as a reminder that our relationship with Him is not limited to a book or a specific number of days but is instead a continual activity that offers great joy, serenity, and contentment.

“In the secret place” you will find strength, guidance, and transformation.

Hannah Idowu is a Gift Curator, host of a podcast show and content creator. Founder of a charity that provides aid and support to individuals and communities suffering from neglect in the Northern part of Nigeria.
She was born in 1981 in Lagos, Nigeria but now lives in London, United Kingdom. She is a Mum of four, an enthusiastic singer and an intercessor.

She loves to talk about her faith in God and encourages others on emotional and spiritual wellness. She also enjoys offering first-time mothers mental and emotional support in the initial weeks after giving birth to help them recover fast from the strain of caring for their new-born.


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