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Prospa Ochimana Biography, Career & Lots More

Prospa Ochimana Biography

If you have never heard of the name Prospa Ochimana, the word ‘Ekwueme’ should ring a bell. Ekwueme is a song that was written by Prospa Ochimana. Prospa Ochimana is a gospel music artist. However, his biography cannot be complete without including his most popular and career-changing song, Ekwueme.

Although Prospa Ochimana does not have much information about him on the internet. This article provides you with more information on the artiste. Read on below:

Prospa Ochimana describes himself as a multiple award-winning Nigerian gospel artiste, music coach, song writer, worshipper, and minister, and On the media, you will find that there are two kinds of celebrities: there are those whom you will find information about on the media, for example about their families and activities, via pictures, tweets, etc. However, there are some others who keep their personal lives private and whom you would hardly find even the tiniest details about. Prospa Ochimana belongs to the latter. You will hardly find information about him online. However, this article provides you with some facts about him. mentor. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tornveil Music International.

Prospa Ochimana Biography

Prospa Ochimana biography

Prospa Ochimana is a Nigerian gospel music artist. He is not only a singer but also a performer, songwriter, director, and composer. Prospa Ochimana’s songs are extremely inspiring and soul-touching, which is what endears the heart of many to his art. The singer is quite private with his affairs and personal life. Prospa Ochimana is based in Abuja and
blessed with a wonderful voice. Prospa Ochimana was born in Kogi State, Nigeria. Since his debut album, not much is known about his life. Although as soon as he gained popularity, the media relentlessly aimed their attention at him to know more about him. However, the artist seems to have found ways to keep his life private. Prospa became popular after the presentation of his top-rated song ‘Ekwueme’. His song was released in 2018. In the same year, the artist was nominated for City People’s Gospel Artiste of the year 2018.


Prospa Ochimana Projects

Prospa Ochimana is the convener of the Festival of Grace concert. He has featured several gospel music artists at this concert. The Festival of Grace Concert is a highly attended yearly Festival that has featured notable gospel musicians such as Freke Umoh, Chris Morgan, Psalm Ebube, Elijah Oyelade and many more.


Prospa Ochimana songs

Apart from ‘Ekwueme’, there are other songs by Prospa Ochimana that have also gained large popularity. These include ‘The Great I Am’ and ‘It All Belongs to You. These are the most popular after the Ekwueme song. These are on the list of popular Nigerian gospel songs. The Great I am was his debut album had a blazing Deep sound while “It all Belongs to You” and the Ekwueme song is slow rocks. Prospa Ochimana became even more popular after his song ‘Ekwueme’ was released. Despite the fact that we have just a little information on the artist himself, Prospa’s fans continue to enjoy his music, while they await his next music and projects or till he reveals other interesting information about himself. Prospa has sung with other gospel musical artistes such as Sam Ibozi (This Moment), Dr Paul (Yahweh Remix), Adakole William (Kabiyosi) and a lot of other people, including Mrs Oshinashi

Prospa Ochimana is one of the fastest rising gospel music ministers and has become a force in the Nigerian Gospel music industry. He is popularly called Titman. He is a devoted worship leader, songwriter, seasoned music coach, music director and composer. His songs are extremely inspiring and soul-touching. Many who have listened to his ministrations and described it as electrifying. The experiences from being under his ministrations are life-changing with testimonies abounding. Many also love Prospa for his voice, they report that the anointing is Evident from the sound of his voice and the passion with which he performs.


Ekwueme – The song

Prospa Ochimana’s most popular song, Ekwueme has gained a lot of listening audiences and fans for the artiste. This song became his hit song and has made him one of the most sought-after gospel artists both locally and internationally. The song has an Igbo title. However, it has got most of its words in English. Therefore people who do not understand Igbo are able to sing along and not feel lost in the song. Ekwueme was written by Prospa, however, he featured another woman called elderly woman “Osinachi Nwachukwu”. The popular track “Ekwueme” directly translates to ‘The God who says and does it in English.

What is the song Ekwueme about?

“Ekwueme “is an Igbo word in Nigeria that means “The God who says and does it.”

In the song, the two artistsProspa Ochimana Biography, Prospa Ochimana and “Osinachi Nwachukwu” praise God for his many qualities such as his wonders, goodness, mighty powers, greatness, wisdom and love. In the song, God is also described as the never-changing and incomparable God. He is also described as the one whose presence in a place makes all things good. He is the one who has the power to speak and make it come to pass and the one whose will would always come to pass because he needs no permission from anyone to act.


Other songs by Prospa Ochimana

You Are Jehovah


It All Belongs to You

This Moment

The Great I Am

You Are

He’s Been So Good


It all belongs to you

Profile of Prospa Ochimana

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Kogi state

Career: Gospel Artiste

Genre: Gospel

Religion: Christianity





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