Samaritan (2022)

DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE - Samaritan (2022)

DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE – Samaritan (2022)

25 years ago the world’s greatest hero vanished Samaritan.

The superhumans Samaritan and Nemesis were twin brothers who lived in Granite City. The hero eventually fought his villainous brother in the city’s power plant, causing a fire, and both were apparently killed in the ensuing explosion. Many people remain fans of the Samaritan and there are rumors that he is still alive.

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In the present, thirteen-year-old Sam Cleary tries his best to help his mom with the financial crisis they are in. He accepts a job from a gang headed by Reza. The plan goes haywire, but the real gang leader, Cyrus, is impressed and personally gives Sam $110. Reza and his friends later attack Sam as payback but are stopped by Joe Smith, a garbage collector who lives in the apartment across from Sam’s. Joe displays super-strength in fighting off the bullies, causing Sam to suspect that he is the Samaritan. Meanwhile, Cyrus finds Nemesis’s hammer and sets himself up as the new Nemesis, sparking riots and chaos throughout the city.

After Sam confronts him, Joe denies but Reza – still looking for revenge – hits him with his car. Joe is badly injured but soon heals, causing him to overheat so much he has to be cooled down. Joe and Sam build a friendship, while at the same time, Cyrus invites Sam to work with his gang, although Sam is disturbed when he overhears their violent activities.

When Joe defends a young girl from an explosion caused by Cyrus’s gang, rumors spread that the Samaritan is back. Cyrus discovers Joe’s identity and connection to Sam, and kidnaps Sam to lure Joe in. In their battle, it is revealed that Samaritan died during the power plant fire, and Joe is actually Nemesis, who survived and left his villainous life behind. Joe eventually kills Cyrus and breaks his hammer but almost overheats from his healing powers and the spreading fire. Sam breaks open a pipe to shower him with water. Joe recovers enough to escape with Sam by jumping out a window. Joe leaves, overhearing Sam tell the press that the hero saved him.

Samaritan (2022)

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Release Date: Aug 26, 2022 (United States)

Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Javon Walton, Pilou Asbæk, Dascha Polanco, Moisés Arias

Source : Samaritan 2022.1080p.WEB.H264-NAISU

Language: English

Subtitle Language English




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